Support development of organic matcha and Japanese tea products

We cover the whole supply chain, from the farm to the final product. From selecting the raw material (blend, single origin, single cultivar) to designing products for your target market, we will help support to develop your product with multiple perspectives.
Our service
Provide matcha / Japanese tea in different grades, according to target market and purpose
Vast choice of packaging, from matcha stick pack, resealable bags in different sizes, to tins
Suggest recipes for providing matcha/tea drinks
Support realization of your new product strategy
Flexible production to realize your product design

Our strength

Product development for your target

We help support customers plan new products taking into account the target market and customer needs. Flexibility is our strength, and we welcome unique ideas and challenges.

We honor tradition but at the same time be keep challenging to be a pioneer to make changes in the tea industry. Compliance and quality assurance, as well as builidng strong relationship and partnership with customers is our mission.

Safety and Compliance

We manage our supply chain and production with global standard food safety system. Our vertically integrated management from the farm to final product ensures compliance to specifications required for each products.

We conduct analysis at our own laboratory and also outsource to laboratories in Japan, Germany, and U.S. according to required specifications.

The certifications we own and the strict quality control shows our dedication to being a reliable partner.

[Example of microbiological specification]
・Plate count below 3,000 cfu/g
・Organic JAS processor
・Organic JAS importer
・Organic USDA/NOP

Vertically integrated management system enables unique product development from farm management

Our vast network of alliance with farmers provide diverse materials. We create unique products which opens new possibilities of tea.

Soil management is the crucial factor which determines the quality of tea. Our vertical management system provides flexible and highly accurate realization of quality products.

Reliability, Partnership, and Symbiosis

We face requests and issues with open-minds and a challenging spirit. Large volumes, special order products, unique product developments, are just a few expamples of what we treasure to work together with customers.

As a professional, we seriously take customer's needs as our own, and work as a team to find innovative solutions wih creativity. Our dedication to build relationships, and the determination for success to grow together is our brand value.



Pleaese contact us from the inquiry form.


Our sales team will contact you to understand your requirements and needs, in order for us to select and suggest the best teas for you.


We will submit samples of selected teas for you based on the information we acquired through our communication. Necessary adjustments are made according to your feedback.

Product specification decided, and price offer is issued

Once you are satisfied with the tea and we agree upon the specifications, we will issue the price offer.


Once the order is placed, production schedule is determined. Necessary analysis and reports are also arranged.